I got voted out and still WON

155 000 Vaatamised 2,5 mln

I got voted out and still won as Jester in Among Us
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  1. Taylor Brown
    Taylor Brown
    Päev tagasi

    2:09 was funny because i also messed up and tryed to do a task when i waa the imposter over a vent and was caught 😩

  2. Preder Nation
    Preder Nation
    3 päeva tagasi

    *Technoblade has cancer...*

  3. k
    7 päeva tagasi

    this video is cursed, It made me drop my soy-sauce 3 times

  4. Jesse Langman
    Jesse Langman
    9 päeva tagasi

    i go from watching asmr, and this is the video that gets recommended straight afterwards.... the SHOCK i felt when WEEWHOOWEEWHOO

  5. Atlas Blue
    Atlas Blue
    11 päeva tagasi


  6. seth bliss
    seth bliss
    12 päeva tagasi

    What the hell Jack is like always imposter I get impostor like never

  7. Lily O'Sullivan
    Lily O'Sullivan
    15 päeva tagasi

    Why do all youtubers have a youtue

  8. NoLifeHeartless
    17 päeva tagasi

    Who remembers when he played Kerbal???

  9. Notariety
    17 päeva tagasi

    the man bun looks great

  10. Alex Schelte
    Alex Schelte
    18 päeva tagasi

    But jack when will the merch come out

  11. Sen Gen
    Sen Gen
    19 päeva tagasi

    So I didn't think that Jack was really that loud all the years until I got a new phone and oh my God guys I get it

  12. payton winfrey
    payton winfrey
    20 päeva tagasi

    i love you

    1. Trilithh
      18 päeva tagasi


  13. Alexis K
    Alexis K
    20 päeva tagasi

    was I the only one that played town of salem as a kid...

  14. septicwolf2244
    23 päeva tagasi

    Sykkuno sounds like the main character of an anime

  15. Danielle Jackson
    Danielle Jackson
    23 päeva tagasi

    If you are the Gaelic gladiator then would Wario or Zach (little Z) be the garlic gladiator.

  16. Penguin King
    Penguin King
    25 päeva tagasi

    I love the reaction from Sykkuno: WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  17. 21Ds
    26 päeva tagasi

    I love the Sam the septiceye hat

    27 päeva tagasi

    For a sec when corpse talked I thought it was mr nightmare :I

  19. Wendy Chow
    Wendy Chow
    27 päeva tagasi

    My birthday is on the 18th

  20. LightRocket 695
    LightRocket 695
    28 päeva tagasi

    My dad wouldn’t let me buy one at the time and I got sad bc it’s the new god in my life

  21. Regő Godzsa
    Regő Godzsa
    29 päeva tagasi

    I love corpse-s sound😂

  22. Bryce Rahmanifard
    Bryce Rahmanifard
    Місяць tagasi


  23. Jonathan Weisbrod
    Jonathan Weisbrod
    Місяць tagasi

    Even Santa isn't as good jack

  24. Geometry dash Fan
    Geometry dash Fan
    Місяць tagasi

    When I’m the person in comment asking the question :/

  25. 8- BitBunnie
    8- BitBunnie
    Місяць tagasi

    you should play the town of us mod

  26. Brenda Phillips
    Brenda Phillips
    Місяць tagasi

    My dirty day is March 18th

  27. DabOnTheHaters
    Місяць tagasi

    I was about to say that this looked like DanTDM's editing style then i checked the desc and turns out davis actually edited this.

    1. Trilithh
      18 päeva tagasi

      @DabOnTheHaters mhm

    2. DabOnTheHaters
      Місяць tagasi

      davis also edits dantdm's vids btw

  28. backup napkins
    backup napkins
    Місяць tagasi

    I got both plushies coz St Patty's is my bday so yeah

  29. Skyla Browne
    Skyla Browne
    Місяць tagasi

    I love how corpse sounds like batman lol

  30. Jake Jenner
    Jake Jenner
    Місяць tagasi

    proximity chat+ jester+ morph+ sheriff+ this lot would be the most chaotic experience of youtube history and i want it to happen

  31. ZAIN_XDtube
    Місяць tagasi

    U should fake tasks :)

  32. Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma
    Місяць tagasi

    So Brooke, Sean, and Toast are sus of the skip button…

  33. Otaku Name
    Otaku Name
    Місяць tagasi

    When his Figure looks like Naofumi from The Rise of The Shield Hero

  34. KQJ_Diya007
    Місяць tagasi


  35. Equinox
    Місяць tagasi


  36. K Gallucci
    K Gallucci
    Місяць tagasi

    no dislikes PLEASE

  37. Cracked Eggz
    Cracked Eggz
    Місяць tagasi

    Jacks content is the only thing that doesnt get old over time

  38. ?MultiversalRift¿
    Місяць tagasi

    Can we petition DC to hire corpse as batman

  39. Vixen V
    Vixen V
    Місяць tagasi

    Rewatching his videos because i miss him. :(

  40. the reaper
    the reaper
    Місяць tagasi

    I love how jack is always the loudest

  41. Lord manny is your lord
    Lord manny is your lord
    Місяць tagasi


  42. Giraffe Blue Dude
    Giraffe Blue Dude
    Місяць tagasi

    But Sean when is it happening?

  43. penelope_has_issues
    Місяць tagasi

    You need merch that said 95℅ potato

  44. Spyro 1247
    Spyro 1247
    Місяць tagasi


  45. 100 Ka
    100 Ka
    Місяць tagasi

    I don't need to xD

  46. Not So Funny Jokes
    Not So Funny Jokes
    Місяць tagasi

    Love how corpse was stirring the pot

  47. AdrianC_C
    Місяць tagasi

    Thank you for answering me Jack my name is person from the comments thank you very much ha ha ha ha

  48. Llif3
    Місяць tagasi

    Your dad was voted out 😆

  49. Brandon Snowdon
    Brandon Snowdon
    Місяць tagasi

    I don’t even like among us and Sean still makes it funny

  50. Aronymous Boi
    Aronymous Boi
    Місяць tagasi

    21:02 Corpse isn't the legally blind one...

  51. mercee killer
    mercee killer
    Місяць tagasi

    You have to have 1000 IQ to be Jester

  52. mercee killer
    mercee killer
    Місяць tagasi

    They really did manifest an imposter win! Nice job!

  53. Good News
    Good News
    Місяць tagasi

    what a copy rit

  54. christinersify
    Місяць tagasi

    only og's have the one from last year

    1. christinersify
      Місяць tagasi

      the figure

  55. Staci
    Місяць tagasi

    Kaaaaraaal your not supposed to kill your crew mate!

  56. Cheryl Coffman
    Cheryl Coffman
    Місяць tagasi

    With the power of mods, this Among Us is now a more popular version of Town of Salem.

  57. Devon Capel
    Devon Capel
    Місяць tagasi

    The Gaelic gladiator released a year after lockdown started (for me at least)

  58. Noah Summerhays
    Noah Summerhays
    Місяць tagasi

    This was 10 days before my birthday

  59. CrewMembersRock 123
    CrewMembersRock 123
    2 місяці tagasi


  60. Anthony Lank
    Anthony Lank
    2 місяці tagasi


  61. coraline polegato
    coraline polegato
    2 місяці tagasi


  62. ghost gaming19
    ghost gaming19
    2 місяці tagasi

    Corpse has the most menacing voice and the sweetest soul

    2 місяці tagasi

    And Now he going to glot about if for day your welcome

  64. Mill-grade
    2 місяці tagasi

    Since the "15 months" video posted today, im trying to binge as much of jacks vids as possible. More so than before.

  65. T0IXC LIFE
    2 місяці tagasi

    i am 50% potaoes

  66. An Anime Protagonist
    An Anime Protagonist
    2 місяці tagasi


  67. diamond Gamer 111
    diamond Gamer 111
    2 місяці tagasi

    Ash: I hate potato Jack: *sob* Me: *sob*

  68. robert Andrade
    robert Andrade
    2 місяці tagasi

    When does your game this go away

    1. robert Andrade
      robert Andrade
      2 місяці tagasi

      I said gayniss

  69. AndyNinjaGaming
    2 місяці tagasi


  70. The Cat Crafter
    The Cat Crafter
    2 місяці tagasi

    He hits enemies with his extra long bell

  71. bazzdoesStuff
    2 місяці tagasi

    I know this old (4months) but I guess you’ve never met the Brush Plush youtooz

  72. Matthew Flooren
    Matthew Flooren
    2 місяці tagasi

    you need to stop swering and sc4ream more i think

  73. LinkifiedMusic
    2 місяці tagasi

    Town of Salem Players looking at the title: First time???

    1. MOLTEN
      2 місяці tagasi

      Yeah when I was looking at that and i was like what the heck I was hoping it was going to be somewhat town of Salem related

  74. Toxcat Plays
    Toxcat Plays
    2 місяці tagasi

    everybody gangsta until jack tells you to vote him out

  75. Rubx
    2 місяці tagasi

    i feel like jack is a german but isnt

  76. Zolk!
    2 місяці tagasi

    the old outro gave me fond memories and made my heart warm

  77. Giro the degenerated
    Giro the degenerated
    2 місяці tagasi

    potato boy did great

  78. Kristy Leach
    Kristy Leach
    2 місяці tagasi

    I love sykkuno

  79. Alex Idk
    Alex Idk
    2 місяці tagasi

    GOD,JESUS,and THE HOLY SPIRIT loves you jack and will always be with you and will always be your friend

  80. Infinite Entertainment
    Infinite Entertainment
    2 місяці tagasi

    You cannot copy corpse

  81. Maria Landin
    Maria Landin
    2 місяці tagasi

    I have the gladiator

  82. Jake Alucard
    Jake Alucard
    2 місяці tagasi

    One of the female voices: toast no! Jack: TOAAAAAAAAST! 😢 Jack always has my favorite reactions to things

  83. tman 213
    tman 213
    2 місяці tagasi

    corpse has no dna it just goes up instead

  84. Alex Hatchel
    Alex Hatchel
    2 місяці tagasi

    New morphling mechanic. When you try to take a sample of the snitch it glitches. Lol

  85. Boom Boom Boii
    Boom Boom Boii
    2 місяці tagasi

    I’m only watching this now and my lil gladiator jack arrived the other day 😅

  86. Lilly Erkkila
    Lilly Erkkila
    2 місяці tagasi

    No one brought it uppp but one of Sean’s eyes looks green the other blue in the beginning

  87. Severia
    2 місяці tagasi

    babbages only

  88. Vincent Difilippantanio
    Vincent Difilippantanio
    2 місяці tagasi

    anybody else have a mini panic attack when corpse is like "i have information" right after jack killed next to him

  89. super gamer
    super gamer
    2 місяці tagasi

    Dame them tatos

  90. santiago zamora
    santiago zamora
    3 місяці tagasi

    Technoblade yootoz would say "not even close "

  91. Caitlin Mitchell
    Caitlin Mitchell
    3 місяці tagasi

    My Youtooz FINALLY came in the other day!!!!

  92. Red Wild lion
    Red Wild lion
    3 місяці tagasi

    Jack I think my mom is sick and she is I don't know what to do.

  93. Ariah Lopez
    Ariah Lopez
    3 місяці tagasi

    Jack has so much energy lol

  94. Jess Jones
    Jess Jones
    3 місяці tagasi

    Rip tost

  95. Jess Jones
    Jess Jones
    3 місяці tagasi

    I want all of it

  96. Grace Is cool
    Grace Is cool
    3 місяці tagasi

    why is ash’s voice so high pitched?

  97. Luca
    3 місяці tagasi


  98. Luca
    3 місяці tagasi


  99. K1NG
    3 місяці tagasi

    People just screaming toast after the first kill People with headphones: 😵😵😵😵

  100. Lily S. Wellson
    Lily S. Wellson
    3 місяці tagasi

    i am half irish so i accept jack as my brother now so... >:3

    1. Blazed
      2 місяці tagasi

      I'm full Irish, I'm voting you out.